About GILI


GILI is a company specialize in development and manufacturing precision metal parts. for more than twenty years is the leading manufacturer in Taiwan.

GILI manufacture and process high precision parts  By using Swiss

Type & Turret Type CNC automatic Lathes, CNC cutting Machining Center and other processing  equipment.



No matter what general turning parts development, or secondary process parts including larger Lost Wax Casting, copper and aluminum casting, GILI can provide fast service with customers' providing drawings or samples.

Processing region external diameter 2.5m/m240m/m, processing length can up to a 600 m/m.



In addition, we also can execute various follow-up surface treatment including anode treatment, grinding, polishing, vibration, magnetic vibration, electroplating, dye black, drawing & packing, inactivate, hot treatment, and semi-finished product assemble …etc., to help customers to reduce additional cost and promote the market competition.


For many years, rely on strong processing technology, GILI has already successfully OEM / ODM develop and produce diverse category of precise hardware components for domestic and international car industry, 3 C electronics industry, optoelectronics industry, semi-conductor industry, medical industry, bicycle industry and various traditional industry. 


GILI team believe firmly that rely on our mature experience, good quality and Omni-bearing processing service and competitive price, absolutely can satisfy customers’ precise parts development need, we sincerely welcome you to contact with us!




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